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The Best Audio Transfer Service on Long Island

Do you have an elaborate record or tape collection that was created many years ago, which you now find difficult to play because the equipment you have no longer works? At Scan A Lot, LLC on Long Island, we specialize in the conversion of all types of precious analogue media (cassette and vinyl) to digital format, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your lovely collections again. We all know that  reel to reel tapes and audio cassettes are being forgotten because people often lack the means to listen to them. We specialize in quality digitization of audio collections for organizations as well as individuals who value their media; converting cassettes, vinyl records and reel to reel to CD, MP3, external hard drive or the cloud.

All of our conversion work is performed by a team of professionals here on Long Island.

Whether you want to convert reel to reel, records or cassette tapes to CD, MP3, external hard drive or the cloud, we can unlock their full potential and create a quality recording that can never be forgotten. By digitizing your recordings, Scan A Lot, LLC will be able to help you rediscover the long-lost audio records that you thought you would never hear again and keep your precious family memories.

Why We Offer the Best Audio Transfer Service on Long Island

We understand how important your memories are to you; this is why Scan A Lot, LLC  on  Long Island was established. Whether it’s a mix tape from your first love, an audio from your school musical group or funny records from your friends back in school, with their garage band musical sessions, Scan A Lot, LLC will help you transform these memories before you lose them forever.

Our company has helped our customers from all over Long Island and the Tri-State area to convert old and outdated media into a mainstream digital format. We have a dedicated facility that focuses on conversion of analog formats with a very serious approach to each project. We at Scan A Lot, LLC understand how important it is for our customers to know that their memories are very precious, so we handle them with the utmost care and concern. That is why all of  our audio transfer services are performed in-house and not outsourced to a third party. We strive to deliver to you only what you need in a quality format at an affordable rate.

Visit us today for a first-hand experience of the best audio conversion services at Scan A Lot, LLC.

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