Audio Cassette Transfer

The Best Audio Cassette Transfer Service on Long Island


Have some of those ‘older’ audio cassette tapes? They are analog magnetic tapes, developed by Phillips in Belgium and introduced in 1963 . A lot of artists were on these tapes and maybe you have some of them: Pete Seeger, Billie Holiday, Paul Anka {who is still singing}!, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge and the list goes on… Its hard to find a player for the audio cassettes now; remember when cars hd them? At Scan A Lot, LLC, we can take those old but great music tunes and convert them into digital format. You get a finished product on CD, flash drive, a download or in the cloud. If you want an idea as to just how popular these tapes


In addition to a lack of playback equipment, other problems may be present, as stated by the Library of Congress: ‘… albums can warp or wear out and tapes can disintegrate….’

Besides music, you may be fortunate enough to have family history recorded on audio cassette tapes. Don’t lose these precious memories; have them transferred for use by successive generations!

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