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Movie Transfer Service on Long Island

Most people on Long Island and in the Tri-State area have dozens of old home movies in formats that they can no longer watch due to the obsolescence of players. As a result of  this, Scan A Lot, LLC was established on Long Island to employ our expertise in helping you preserve and share your family films.

The mistake most people make during the preservation of their family history is forgetting to convert all their home movie tapes to a digital format to enable future generations to see these videos in years to come. Digital provides a very convenient playback video format. Transferring your original movie material to a digital format requires experience and knowledge to avoid getting very low quality and unacceptable copy of your movies.

Many people often get anxious before transferring their movies to digital and as a result, they fail to follow the correct chronological order of movie transfer to digital. This poses a big challenge for people who need movie conversion services as the date and event are not properly written on the movie reel or tape, making it difficult to know what is on it.

The Right Way to Transfer Movies to Digital

For you to properly store and retain your memorable movies, Scan A Lot LLC  provides its movie transfer services for 8mm to digital format for Long Island and the Tri-State area. With our services, you will be able to repurpose your movie materials in many exciting ways. Our movie transfer experts will give you a clear digital format while ensuring that it contains all the original contents of the movie reel.

We employ state of the art equipment that will not alter the integrity of your original material during the transfer process of your movie files.

As a consumer, you may get used to the belief that you will probably upgrade to a new computer or smart phone every few years; the same applies to your films. You also need to update the file types to the latest technologies using our world-class movie transfer services on Long Island. At Scan A Lot, we can also provide secure cloud storage of your digitized copy.

Contact us today at Scan A Lot for the best movie conversion to quality digital format on Long Island and the Tri-State area; we will give you the best 8mm and Super 8 mm transfer to digital at a reasonable rate right here on Long Island.

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