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We are professionals in providing exceptional slide scanning services for Long Island and the ‘Tri-State’ area. All of our scanning services take place in our well equipped Long Island studio and at an affordable price. At Scan A Lot, we are very much aware of the value your precious memories are and as a result, we take extreme care to give your slides the ‘white glove’ treatment throughout the scanning and conversion processes.


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Why You Should Convert Your Slides to Digital Files

The digitization of most things today has strongly impacted various aspects of our daily lives, and this revolution or technological progression has been very evident in visual communication; this is why the advantages of converting your slides to digital files are enormous and very important to you. It gives you the opportunity to easily and properly store and access your slide files at any time without stress.

The advantages of digital conversion of slides make it important to convert your slides to digital forms using our trusted slide conversion services. We don’t just convert your slides; we also transform them into high-quality digital formats so as to enable you to preserve your precious slides for years to come.

Factors That Can Damage Your Slides

If you are not warehousing your slides in a dark, low temperature and humidity controlled room, they can deteriorate until the slides become completely spoilt. Without proper management of the room temperature and humidity, your slides can lose color and contrast, and will eventually become very brittle, while also absorbing dirt from the environment.

Contaminants such as formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, vapors etc. do have damaging effects on your slides. When you store your slides in a damp environment it will easily spoil and under some conditions, insects will actually eat them.

By exposing your slides and negatives to extended periods of heavy daylight or even moderate artificial light, they will definitely lose some portion of their initial color quality. Also, strong Ultra Violet light can cause fading of slides.

Digital files are never affected by harsh environmental conditions which usually destroy analog slide, and photo files. The final product is accessible via our cloud service, on an MP3 or as a digital download.

Contact us today at Scan A Lot for the best slide to digital conversion service in Long Island or to arrange an appointment at out studio.

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