At ‘Scan A Lot, LLC’ on Long Island, we scan all your old photos,  and negatives into the best high-resolution digital formats which will enable you to archive, reprint, email, share, and enjoy them with your loved ones once again.

With Scan A Lot on Long Island, you will go beyond just archiving your family’s history with the unique photo and  negative  scanning services that we offer. Scan A Lot can help you prepare your own library of digital photos that are simple to reference when needed.

Do you have old photos that are fading away in your drawer or basement? Let Scan A  Lot save your photos from being damaged, forgotten or completely lost; choose our professional photo scanning service today!

Photos can be saved as a digital format, accessible via our cloud service or on a flash drive.

We neatly scan all your  negatives into high-quality digital images. These negatives are cleaned before they’re scanned by our professional team using the best high-resolution transparency film scanners.

We know that negatives are very precious to  you; they are sometimes far more important than regular prints.

We offer large and medium format scanning of negatives.

We understand that the scanning of negatives is a job that requires careful handling. As a result, something as easy as finding the right angles to scan requires a well-trained touch, which our exceptional team has.

At Scan A Lot, we use utmost care in dealing with customers’ photos and negatives; our well trained technicians employ the best methods to give you a quality output of your scan.


Simply send us your loose photographs (without paperclips, blu-tack, staples, sellotape, etc.) or negatives today; we will scan, rotate, and send them back to you in digital format. Slides can be sent in a slide holder or boxed. We’ll return your original photos, negatives and slides along with your newly quality digitized product. Please contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment at our studio.

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