Audio Reel to Reel to CD Over 80 minutes




Over 80 minutes.
Melnick Productions provides the best listening platform for conversion of your precious CDs. Have music placed on CDs and get a digital download which you can use for listening from your computer, tablet or smart phone. The Library of Congress (LOC) recommends that when transferring and preserving your audio reels, “Look for a provider that specializes in archival or preservation transfer of the specific original movie format. Avoid providers that outsource the reformatting work overseas”. In addition, for any digitization the LOC recommends:
  • Identify and select what to save
  • Organize the files selected to be saved
  • Save copies on at least two different storage media (e.g., USB drive and external hard drive) and keep these in separate physical locations
  • Migrate saved copies to a current storage medium about every five years
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