Audio CassetteConvert to CD with Digital Download / Track-Separation



Audio Cassette Convert to CD uses the latest equipment to transfer your audio tapes to CDs. Preservation of older recordings is a critical task for all sound recording archives. and music aficionados.  The sound must be retrieved from older recordings before the media they were recorded on deteriorates and the sound is lost forever. Audio cassettes were very popular between the 1970’s and 1990’s. Now with people constantly on the go, you can have your tapes transferred to a newer medium and listen to your favorite music or lectures. From the Beatles and Beach Boys to Mario Lanza, Pavarotti and Tony Bennet, you can have the deep sound quality and warmth of sound that helps make your days more congenial and your evenings more pleasant. We offer transfer of the digital file to CD or flash drive, as appropriate.

New Audio Technology Helps Alzheimer’s has transferred thousands of audio cassette tapes for clients over the last few years. We will work with our valuable clients to deliver a quality product.

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