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The Best Record Transfer Service on Long Island

Music can uplift the soul. It can help soothe life’s wounds. No matter what your mood, music seems to have something specific to day to us. Love jazz? Have great classical vinyl albums? Maybe even Rock and Roll? Now transfer and preserve these legends with our record to digital transfer service. Keep the NY Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony and Metropolitan Opera at your fingertips. Wynton Marsalis, John Coltrane and Dave Brubeck come to life. Don’t forget about Willie Nelson and those great country western tunes. All work is transferred to flash drive or disk. You can also arrange an appointment to listen to the final product in our studio!

Many people prefer flash drives to CDs today. While CDs can be convenient to play in computers, flash drives eliminate the problem of scratches.

Whether flash drive or CD, we find that music can be especially beneficial to older people, including those in assisted living or nursing homes. Often times, these people need an extra ‘boost’ to help get them through the day. In addition, music has been shown to be beneficial for the cognitive processes of the elderly.

Whether for the elderly or younger folks, Scan A Lot is where quality and service really do meet! Call us today at 516-513-5111 for further information and to arrange an appointment.

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