Slide Scanning

Includes free 15 digital download. Flash drive $12 extra.

Preserve your precious 35mm slides for years to come by converting them to digital format. Contact Scan A Lot to get high-quality digital copies of your slides that will last longer than the physical copies. Don’t let your memories fade away with time, digitize them today. With Scan A Lot, you can be assured of professional results at an affordable cost. Contact them now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your precious memories preserved in digital format. Call today!

Slide Scanning

Our slide scanning service preserves your cherished memories with high-quality digital archiving. offer digital downloads. Choose from 35mm, 127mm, 110mm, 126mm, and stereo slides. Get started today!

35mm $0.49

126mm /127mm $0.80

Stereo Slides $1.00

110mm $0.80

Premium slide scanning $0.90 at 4800 DPI

Tiff File $1.50 for 35mm slides




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